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Probable Descent

“Eighty-six consecutive rejections. I give up.” He downed his scotch.

“Pessimist,” I scoffed.

“Just let me crawl down into my Deep Hole of Lonelitude.” His glass being already empty, he downed my scotch next.

Nearby, a withered, watery-eyed man in a wheelchair said, “Psh. Romance? Wouldn’t solve your problem, anyways.”

This story is based on a title suggested by Jeremy Quinn. It is a companion to his previous title suggestion, Unlikely Ascension.


Sunsy was a real chirp flirt. He went after anyone who had wings and a beak and laid eggs.

The dove turned him down gently.

The owl lectured him on Breed Loyalty.

The eagle just stared imperiously until he went away.

The peahen merely scoffed.

And then the pigeon attacked.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Vigafray and a prompt offered by @NekoDaimyo.