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The Most Swelled Head There Has Ever Been

“I’m the best hyperbolizer in the world.”

“Stop exaggerating.”

“Have you ever heard of anyone else like me? I’m a world-famous big-talker, man! One of a kind!”

“There’s only one thing you could claim you’re famous for, and that’s the size of your head.”

“Yep! Biggest noggin there ever was!”

This story is based on the prompt “hyperbolic” at TypeTrigger.

I Call it Describofiction

“I reckon you best be moseyin’ off now, son,” drawled the drawling old cowboy.

“Well aren’t we Mr. McDrawlyPants?” snivelled the snivelling little sniveller.

“Ker-Bang!” shot the shooty six-shooter.

“You brought it on yerself,” grunted the grunting, grumpy cowboy.

“Ow, my chest cavity really huuuuurts…” whined the whiny, dying whiner.

I’m trying out a new way to write dialogue. I think it has promise!