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I Call it Describofiction

“I reckon you best be moseyin’ off now, son,” drawled the drawling old cowboy.

“Well aren’t we Mr. McDrawlyPants?” snivelled the snivelling little sniveller.

“Ker-Bang!” shot the shooty six-shooter.

“You brought it on yerself,” grunted the grunting, grumpy cowboy.

“Ow, my chest cavity really huuuuurts…” whined the whiny, dying whiner.

I’m trying out a new way to write dialogue. I think it has promise!

The Luxuriant Life

“Finally!” complained Fluffy the cat in the softly exasperated voice of a young mother. “The kittens are down for nap time. All they ever do is eat, sleep, and whine!”

Mittens, her husband, mewed appreciatively. “What should we do with our free time?”

“Grab a snack and get some shuteye.”