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Stick With the Plan

“What are you up to?” muttered Wendel, eyes narrowed.

None of the fifty-seven fuzzy orange caterpillars inching across his driveway offered an explanation.

“I don’t trust you,” said Wendel. Then he stomped one, for emphasis.

Deep underground, the Caterpillar Council murmured grimly. Casualties had always been inevitable in this war.

Attack of the Fruit Flies

With waxy wings buzzing, and multifaceted eyes glowing maliciously, the fruit flies attacked.

In mere seconds, the unsuspecting picnickers were covered with a two-inch-deep blanket of angry, but harmless insects.

“We have them!” buzzed Franklin Fruit Fly. “What do we do now?”

And the swarm realized it had no follow-through.

This story is based on a title suggested by Nancy Cavanaugh via Facebook.

The Metamorphosis

Gregor went to bed one night and woke up as a giant clumsy bug.

His family freaked out and locked him in his room. His little sister fed him garbage.

He scared some old guys and someone threw an apple at him which got stuck in his back.

He died.

This story is a microfiction treatment of Franz Kafka’s classic novella, The Metamorphosis.