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Prized Possession

Cynthia theatrically flung open the wardrobe. “Well?”

After an awkward pause, Greg said, “It’s…”

“I know! Isn’t it?” enthused Cynthia.

Greg paused. He wasn’t actually sure what he had been going to say. “It” was some kind of all-of-the-neons polka-dotted dress thing. “Yes,” he managed at last, “it really is.”

Vegetarian Roommate

“There’s a monster under my bed!” whimpered Sophie.

“I know,” said Mom. “I put it there. It likes dark places.”

“Won’t it come out at night and eat me!?”

“No, it’s a vegetarian.”

Sophie put fresh heads of lettuce under her bed every day for the rest of her life.

Modest Maude

Modest Maude was a very proper woman.

No one had ever seen so much as Maude’s ankles or wrists, not even her doctor.

She had married a blind man, and still made him keep his eyes closed while she was getting undressed.

But her laughter made the stars come out.

Ramone’s Social Circles

Ramone had a very diverse selection of friends. He enjoyed spending time with Havarti, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Brie.

He didn’t get along that well with Cheddar or Feta, but Gouda was fun.

Ramone’s mom told him, “Cheeses can’t be real friends,” but he knew better.

Oh yes, he knew better.