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Probable Descent

“Eighty-six consecutive rejections. I give up.” He downed his scotch.

“Pessimist,” I scoffed.

“Just let me crawl down into my Deep Hole of Lonelitude.” His glass being already empty, he downed my scotch next.

Nearby, a withered, watery-eyed man in a wheelchair said, “Psh. Romance? Wouldn’t solve your problem, anyways.”

This story is based on a title suggested by Jeremy Quinn. It is a companion to his previous title suggestion, Unlikely Ascension.

The Day I Met a Tyrannosaurus X

Evolution happens.

I found that out for certain the day I met a Tyrannosaurus X.

He had weak eyes, massive jaws, and stubby little arms.

He was cold-blooded. Scaly-skinned. Exclusively carnivorous.

I was intrigued. I asked for a blood sample. He roared.

He was the missing link, the old fossil.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Tally_LRR.