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Shot Down

Bethany stormed into the panda run.

Sammy and Florence, the local inmates, sauntered over and began looking for treats.

“He won’t listen!” said Bethany, stifling a sob.

The pandas’ faces drooped.

“Can’t he see how lonely you are? All we want is a couple of play dates with the orangutans.”

Living the Lazy Life

“Papa Panda! Papa Panda!”

There it went again.

“Papa Panda!”

It was incessant, unceasing, never-ending. (Synonyms were one of Papa Panda’s few pleasures.)

Papa Panda rolled over, half-opened one eye, and gestured impatiently at the annoying, agitating throng.

The tourists roared with glee.

Papa Panda found zoo life emotionally taxing.