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Barry the Wise Old Bear

“Once AGAIN, I remind you that NO ANIMALS are allowed in the classroom during an examination.”

Jeremy patted the enormous grizzly bear’s head. “Why not?”

“He might, er, help you cheat.”

“Barry would NEVER do that,” said Jeremy, surreptitiously hiding his exam paper, on which he’d written “Grrr, grroowl, roooaarr.”

This story was based on the prompt “once again” at TypeTrigger.

Living the Lazy Life

“Papa Panda! Papa Panda!”

There it went again.

“Papa Panda!”

It was incessant, unceasing, never-ending. (Synonyms were one of Papa Panda’s few pleasures.)

Papa Panda rolled over, half-opened one eye, and gestured impatiently at the annoying, agitating throng.

The tourists roared with glee.

Papa Panda found zoo life emotionally taxing.

Boogidy Boo!

He defended himself the only way he knew how: intimidation was his only real weapon.

“Boogidy boo!” he cried, arching his shoulders and spreading his arms to make himself look bigger.

The kitten mewled. It was blind, so it couldn’t see his Intimidation Pose anyways.

But the grizzly bear could.