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The Necromancer’s Dog

Living amongst death and decay was simply part of being a necromancer, but Khin-Topekh hadn’t expected so much loneliness.

Employing his best problem-solving skills, the necromancer went to the pet store and picked out a puppy.

Little Fidus made him very happy, until she started stealing bones from his corpses.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Invariel.

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The Happies and the Slappies

Once there was a village of Happies. They loved life!

But the mean Slappies bullied the Happies until they became Unhappies.

One of the Happies awoke the wise Nappies. The Nappies gave some puppies to the Slappies, who loved them so much that they became Sappies.

Then everyone was happy!

I’m glad the Sappies are happy, but hanging out with them can be so uncomfortable. They just sit there and pet their puppies and make cooing noises and talk in baby voices and rub their noses on their puppies’ noses… Blech.

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The Secret Life of a Puppy

When Buster the puppy wasn’t sleeping, he was eating. When he wasn’t eating, he was playing. When he wasn’t playing, he was either sleeping or eating. He didn’t have a very complicated life, well, except on Thursdays, which was when he genetically engineered his super soldiers in the laundry room.

This story was based on a title suggested by @StoicRomance.

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