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The umbrella’s plastic penetrated darkness through the girl’s clammy fingers, hissing wicked commands. Nora’s eyes adjusted; she was now aware of the undead body she greedily consumed.

Desperate for rain’s icy kiss, she tossed the umbrella and started running.

Her voice echoed, “I’m coming my love,” down the hollow alleyway.

Vanessa Henderson is a freelance writer and graphic designer living in Seattle with her husband and dog. Most days you will find her feeding a caffeine addiction while chasing after characters she can swoon over. She writes young adult fiction and blogs from www.youngatink.wordpress.com.

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GAVIN McQUE: The Strange Condition Known as Death

Death is an unsettling experience. The sudden weight-loss, poor circulation and depression has been known to drive many victims of death into suicidal states and impractical levels of homesickness.

Experts on the often fatal condition recommend emergency surgical obliteration of the brain as the most effective and efficient known cure.

Since his last submissions, Gavin has been writing for his local University and upholding a (mostly) weekly blog of his writings. He is quietly contented with life.

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The Necromancer’s Dog

Living amongst death and decay was simply part of being a necromancer, but Khin-Topekh hadn’t expected so much¬†loneliness.

Employing his best problem-solving skills, the necromancer went to the pet store and picked out a puppy.

Little Fidus made him very happy, until she started stealing bones from his corpses.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Invariel.

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