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The Organization of the Fish Party

It was like a real-world logic puzzle.

Bobby Blowfish should sit with Angela Angelfish, but he and Tommy Tuna don’t get along.

The Seahorse family should be near the dessert table, but keep them away from the punch bowl!

And no one wanted another “who let the orcas in” fiasco.

This story is based on a title suggested by @klancashire.

Detailed Lunch Heist

Jimmy always brought tater tots to school. Worse, he flaunted them.

That made him a target.

Ryan drew the plans up, Kevin swiped the locker keys, Megan played the decoy, and Aiden prepped the route to the hideout.

But Brandon forgot to bring the ketchup, so they tattled on him.

This story is based on a title suggested by a participant in a 50-word stories live-writing session.

The Coolest Kid in Kindergarten

The first day of school was like a nightmare for Billington Washburn Crabcakes. He tried to make friends, but everyone wanted to know what his name was, and he knew that if he told them he’d be made fun of for always.

So he kept to himself and ate crayons.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: FLANNERTY 4: Late to Bed, Late to Rise

It was 9:30 AM in the third grade classroom, and Miss Flannerty was nowhere to be seen.

Billy and Bobby and Suzie wondered if she was sick or sleeping or dead.

Then the class telephone rang.

It was Miss Flannerty. “All-day recess!” she said. “And for homework, learn to spell ‘hangover’!”

Penny Wise, Dollar Dumb

Jesse went to school to study Finance.

He did really well in all of the theory classes, but he had some difficulty making real-world applications of his newfound knowledge.

After six years, he graduated.

He calculated that it would only take him twenty-nine years to pay back his student loans.

School of Talk

“So what have we learned today?” said Dan, standing over the aquarium.

“Whatcha doin’?” asked Tara.

“Teaching the fish to speak.”

“Is this some elaborate setup for a pun on how the fish are in ‘school’?”

“No. I’m seriously teaching them.”

“Whatever,” Tara scoffed, leaving.

“Jerk face,” said the fish.