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The Challenge

She arrived atop of hill wheezing like a cracked bellows. Her ragged breathing stoked her brother’s competitive fires, and like a shot he was off again, skidding across the snow aboard the rusty old toboggan.

THWUMP! He hit the jump. The sled broke cleanly in two.

He hooted: “I win!”

This story was based on the prompt “wheezing” at TypeTrigger.

The Warm Numbness of Hypothermia

A final luxury granted to the condemned: “How would you like to go?”

He contemplated deeply, finally requesting the warm numbness of hypothermia.

In this land of sun and sand, his choice spoke to a greatness of spirit that moved the tribunal’s hearts.

But it didn’t move them that far.

Today’s story is based on a title suggested by @stealingzen.

Rolling Hills

“Freezabunga, dude! Let’s go snow surfing!”

“You mean snowboarding?”

“Yeah, man, surfing on giant waves of snow!”

“I don’t think that’s actually… You know what? Never mind. It sounds awesome! Let’s do it!”

The newly installed wave machine on the ski hill made it super wicked gnarly tubular rad.

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest

After thirty days of rain, the clouds got bored, so they made it snow, instead.

People whined and complained, but the clouds didn’t speak English, because they had come from Brazil.

The local government hired some Brazilians to complain to the clouds on their behalf. It didn’t really work, though.


Winter. Thick snowflakes were making an exodus from the wombs of the clouds.

“Existence is suffering, but I believe our essence lives on and ascends to the Cloud Mother to be reborn,” said Seth Snowflake. “Life is a cycle.”

“That’s stupid,” said Sam Snowflake. “Life sucks, and then you melt.”