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In Shastonbury children weep
for want of food and lack of sleep.
They drink the rain and talk to sheep
in the ancient town of Shastonbury.

Shastonbury, I’ve heard tell,
is like a wetter form of Hell.
They rue the clouds and curse the smell,
the shepherd boys of Shastonbury.

Prairie Highways

Percy peered out the window of his old, beat-up car, scanning the dismal grey plains. Rain again.

The endless prairie highways made Percy feel like he was constantly moving but never approaching his destination. To stay sane, he counted raindrops, trying not to think about who was in the trunk.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (Or “Meteorology 100: It’s Dark At Night”)

It was a dark and stormy night.

The meteorologists were all very confused. They had anticipated darkness (because the first lesson of Meteorology 100 is that it’s always dark at night, which tended to confuse the Alaskans), but most of them had only predicted light showers.

Actually, none of them cared.

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest

After thirty days of rain, the clouds got bored, so they made it snow, instead.

People whined and complained, but the clouds didn’t speak English, because they had come from Brazil.

The local government hired some Brazilians to complain to the clouds on their behalf. It didn’t really work, though.

The Mists Upon the Foggy Cove Were Roiling Like the Mantigroves

It was a dark and stormy night.

Good thing I’d brought my flashlight and umbrella. Man do I hate being wet. It’s pretty much the worst. I’d rather be sunburned a hundred times than have to go slogging through the rain. At least it’s warm.

Nothing interesting happened that night.

It’s, like, a character study or something. The fact that this story has no plot makes it super artistic. Trust me. Besides, look at that title. You just know something like that is packed with meaning.