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Pre-Apocalyptic Times

“Everything sure is great, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, absolutely. I can’t think of a single possible thing that could make my life better.”

“More steak?”

“Nah; I’ve got plenty.”

“More bacon?”

“I already eat it four times a day…”

“More steak wrapped in bacon?”

“…I think you may have something there.”

A Traumatic and Life-Threatening Childhood Experience

“‘Let’s go to the beach,’ you said! ‘Let’s go for a walk on the sand with baby Timmy,’ you said! ‘Let’s dress like giant crabs and pretend to kidnap him and take him to a magical underwater utopia full of laughter and song,’ you said! ‘He’ll enjoy it,’ you said…”

I Destroyed Their Paradise

They pulled the sun from the sky.

They harvested its energies, overcoming their world of sand and wind and forging a green and fertile new home, where pleasure reigned.

Their utopia fluorished as their sun died.

I destroyed its prison. I saved the sun and abandoned their paradise to entropy.