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A Match Made in the Heavens

“Where have you been?” they demanded, leaning out of their windows in pajamas and nightgowns. “Did you get lost? Did you think it was funny?”

They hadn’t seen the moon in over a week!

Moon peeked over the horizon at her dearly beloved, the sun, and hid a contented blush.

The Mists Upon the Foggy Cove Were Roiling Like the Mantigroves

It was a dark and stormy night.

Good thing I’d brought my flashlight and umbrella. Man do I hate being wet. It’s pretty much the worst. I’d rather be sunburned a hundred times than have to go slogging through the rain. At least it’s warm.

Nothing interesting happened that night.

It’s, like, a character study or something. The fact that this story has no plot makes it super artistic. Trust me. Besides, look at that title. You just know something like that is packed with meaning.

Sol Sleeps In

Just before dusk, the sun crept up to the horizon. He stealthily surveyed the dark but bustling city laid out before him.

The sun sprang forward, dashing across the sky at breakneck speed and vanishing on the other side.

If he was lucky, no one would notice he’d been late.

Priorities in a Time of Global Crisis

Kim groaned and awoke.

It was early morning, but unusually bright and hot.

Kim slipped into her bathrobe, flung open the blinds, and screamed.

A dying red sun filled the sky. Earth’s orbit was rapidly, dangerously contracting.

Kim shrieked and hammered on her speed-dial. “Tan-Hut!? I need a pre-tan NOW!”

I Destroyed Their Paradise

They pulled the sun from the sky.

They harvested its energies, overcoming their world of sand and wind and forging a green and fertile new home, where pleasure reigned.

Their utopia fluorished as their sun died.

I destroyed its prison. I saved the sun and abandoned their paradise to entropy.