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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Rancid breath washed over him, spilling out from behind a mouthful of long, sharp, yellow teeth.

How had he ended up here, with his head halfway down a lion’s throat? “Exciting Opportunity,” they’d called it. “The Adventure of a Lifetime.”

He sighed wretchedly and gathered a long string of floss.

This story was based on the prompt “yellow teeth” at TypeTrigger.

Caring for Kimmy

Hailey looked concernedly into Kimmy’s watery eyes and said, “You look as sad as a koala bear with strep throat.”

Kimmy coughed and winced.

Hailey reached up into the eucalyptus tree and took Kimmy in her arms. The ailing marsupial snuggled up.

This was why Hailey had become a veterinarian.

When Life Gives You Lemons

One day, the veterinarian came by to inspect the dairy farmer’s cows. “Bad news,” she said, “your herd is infected; neither their milk nor their meat can be sold.”

What did the farmer do upon discovering that the infected milk cured cancer?

He milked it for all it was worth.

NOGARD 2: Meet the Cleric

“Put a catheter in that!” the veterinary Cleric called as he emerged from the Operating Room.

A woman and her son stood at the counter, holding a small, whimpering dragon.

“Looks like he’s got the mange,” said the Cleric.

“Can you fix him?” asked the boy.

“Maybe,” said the Cleric.