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Our World’s Most Precious Resource, or Livin’ in a Trailer by the Lake

Water is my favourite drink
I sure find it delicious

If some old bad guy stole it all
I’d find it quite malicious

What would we do?
Where would we go?
We’d get so dehydrated

That’s why I built this reservoir
And sat down here
And waited

My lifestyle’s underrated

NEWS: Fifty-Word Stories Live-Writing

EDIT: It’s over! Thank you to everyone who came and participated!

Wednesday, July 14, at 5 PM PST, I’ll be trying out something new that I think could be a lot of fun. I’m going to go on UStream and live-write stories for between 30 and 60 minutes (depending on how well it’s going and how much time I have).

If you want to watch and participate, head to the show page, where you can join in the chat. You can also watch via the embedded stream below.

I’ll be writing stories based on audience suggestions, and I plan to open up a Google Docs file to do the writing in, so that people can follow along as I type, if they so desire.