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The Most Memorable Road Trip

“Road trip!”

We’d packed that hatchback so full of clothing, food, and camping gear that we could hardly buckle our seatbelts. We had no plan but “Go”, no destination but “Good times”.

We put the car in gear, and


all four tires burst simultaneously.

“…House party!”

Camping with Krayg

We were lost in the enchanted woods.

“Some shortcut, Krayg!” Tixen’s green eyes flashed.

“Relax,” I said. “Krayg, find some kindling. Night’s coming.”

We huddled close around the flames.

“Now,” I said, “a spell to read the stars… Where did my wand go? Krayg, what did you use for kindling?”

This story was based on the prompt “in the woods” at TypeTrigger.

Planning For Emergencies

“Let’s go camping!”

“In the back yard?”

“In the forest!”

“Will there be cell reception?”

“I hope not!”

“What if I break my back and you need to call an ambulance?”

“Then I’ll euthanize you.”

“Will you use cyanide?”

“Whatever you prefer, hon.”

“Ok, deal.”

Unfortunately, he forgot the cyanide.