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The Monster’s Insides

There is a monster in the mountains that preys on bumblebees, daffodils, and woodland creatures, swallowing them whole into its enormous belly.

Some say there’s a garden in there, a paradise where the flowers bloom and the wildlife lives on, frolicking. They’ve forgotten that the monster once swallowed a bear.

This story was based on the prompt “in the mountains” on TypeTrigger.

Planning For Emergencies

“Let’s go camping!”

“In the back yard?”

“In the forest!”

“Will there be cell reception?”

“I hope not!”

“What if I break my back and you need to call an ambulance?”

“Then I’ll euthanize you.”

“Will you use cyanide?”

“Whatever you prefer, hon.”

“Ok, deal.”

Unfortunately, he forgot the cyanide.