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TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The First Thanksgiving

“Thank you all for joining us on this first annual Thanksgiving Day,” intoned Tyrone.

“Your hospitality has been wonderful!” said Brenda Brachiosaur.

“A splendid idea,” said Stewart Stegosaur. “Please do invite us back.”

“Actually,” said Tyrone, flashing his Tyrannosaurus teeth, “I expect we’ll be needing new guests next year.”


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! (Americans: enjoy yours next month.)

Fast Asleep

Last night I went to bed early, which was a shame, really, because when I woke up (late), I found muddy dinosaur footprints all throughout the kitchen and dining room, and the big pot of soup in the fridge was empty.

I hope they come back again tonight. Chili’s on!

This story was based on the prompt “last night I” at TypeTrigger.