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Sneakers, loafers, toes of steel?
Slippers, flip-flops, high-tops, heels?

Choose your footwear
Choose your road
Or heavy loads?

This new year, where will you walk?
Fly alone? Join the flock?

It’s your call
You’re in control
Tie your laces
Check your soles
Will you wear new shoes
Or old?

Have a blessed, happy New Year!

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The Culture Who Cried “Zombie”

“Honey, there’s a zombie on the lawn.”

“Already? Well, get the candy.”

“No, I think it’s a real one.”

“Dear, it’s Halloween. But boy does that makeup look convincing. I’m going to ask how he did it…”

Diary Entry, October 31, 2013: The humans have finally lowered their guard. It begins today.

It is my opinion that Halloween was designed by monsters to gradually lure humanity into a trap. And when it starts, how will we know who’s really a monster and who’s just wearing a costume? Beware!

Happy Halloween, everyone. Have fun and stay safe.



“Eat up!” said Mom.

Victor stared at his plate. Yuck. What was this slimy, moldy, mushy gunk?

“Don’t you like it?”

“Gross!” said Victor. “Is this rotten food?”

“It’s your winnings,” said Mom. “The ones you gloated about after Monopoly. Like you said, to the victor go the spoils!”

I’m happy to announce the birth of my second son, Victor! This story is for him.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: The First Thanksgiving

“Thank you all for joining us on this first annual Thanksgiving Day,” intoned Tyrone.

“Your hospitality has been wonderful!” said Brenda Brachiosaur.

“A splendid idea,” said Stewart Stegosaur. “Please do invite us back.”

“Actually,” said Tyrone, flashing his Tyrannosaurus teeth, “I expect we’ll be needing new guests next year.”


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone! (Americans: enjoy yours next month.)

NEWS: New Store; Bundle Deals Ending

I’ve set up a new store for selling my writing, 50WS products included. Until the end of the month, you’ll still be able to buy books and t-shirts using the existing 50WS Store, but once January rolls around I’ll be shutting down the store on this site and running all sales through the new TScom store.

When I transfer things over to the new store, I’ll be discontinuing the bundle deals, so if you want to save money by buying both books, getting a shirt and book together, or picking up both books and a shirt, do it before the end of December!


Wouldn’t it be nice
if life
had handlebars?

A simple way to steer;

Something to hold
for balance;

A little bell,
to let people know
we were coming;

And a headlight
to help us see
the road in front of us.

Come to think of it,
how about some brakes?

This story was based on the prompt “handlebar” at TypeTrigger.

NEWS: Win a Print Copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One

If you don’t yet have a copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One in print, how would you like a chance to win one?

On Monday, June 13, I will draw one name from a hat to win a print copy of Volume One.

How do you get your name in the hat? There are three “fronts” to the contest, and each can get you one entry. (That’s a maximum of three entries per person, for all you Math majors.)

First, you can share a link to FiftyWordStories.com on Twitter, making sure to include the hashtag #50wordstories.

Second, you can Like my new Page on Facebook.

Third, you can join in the discussion about the short story Saucer from my recent short fiction collection, Living and Dying. Everyone who comments on this blog post will receive an entry. If you haven’t read Saucer yet, get the collection here!

Good luck, everyone!

Note: If the winner lives outside of North America, they’ll have to cover the difference between the North American and outside-of-North-America shipping.