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Side Effects

“Any questions, sir?” says the clerk.

“What are this medication’s side effects?” asks the customer.

“There are none.”

“None? Impressive. Three bottles, please.”

The customer pays and leaves.

Another clerk says, “You didn’t tell him it turns people into pathological liars?”

“I couldn’t,” says the clerk. “I’m taking it myself.”

This story was based on the prompts “side effects” and “pathological liar” at TypeTrigger.

The Grand Adventure of Micah the Flying Mole

Micah the mole had always wanted to fly.

One day, he climbed a tree and jumped. For a full second, he was dropping through the air like a dead bird. It was exhilarating, then very painful.

He told his friends he’d do it again, but they knew he was lying.