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Boogidy Boo!

He defended himself the only way he knew how: intimidation was his only real weapon.

“Boogidy boo!” he cried, arching his shoulders and spreading his arms to make himself look bigger.

The kitten mewled. It was blind, so it couldn’t see his Intimidation Pose anyways.

But the grizzly bear could.

Foiled by the Cutesies

“You fool of a henchman!” cried the criminal overlord, with a mighty sneeze. “I’m allergic to cats!”

“But he’s such an itty bitty pretty kitty, isn’t he? Such a cutesy snootsy bittle snookums…”

“You fool!” cried the criminal overlord, with a mighty cough. “I’m even more allergic to lovey-dovey gibberish!”

Kitten Blanket

Kittens! Kittens everywhere!

It was terrifying. Mortifying. A nightmare.

She stifled a scream. Then she stifled a yawn.

The warm, cuddly kitten bodies, like a soft, purring blanket, lulled her, despite her best efforts, off to sleep. And as she slept, she dreamed about the tigers that ate her mom.