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The Consequences of Sleeping on the Job

Check the news, honey. Apparently something crazy happened at work today. I was napping in a storage room. (Hey, I earn my siestas!)┬áThe guys didn’t give me many details. When I woke up they said it was over already.

Haircut? What haircut? Why are you laughing? Did someone…?


He Thought, She Thought

He could no longer deny it: he was turning into a cat. He had thicker and thicker hair growing all over his body, he took frequent naps, he saw things during the night…

She could no longer deny it: he was getting older, and he thought he was a cat.

The Luxuriant Life

“Finally!” complained Fluffy the cat in the softly exasperated voice of a young mother. “The kittens are down for nap time. All they ever do is eat, sleep, and whine!”

Mittens, her husband, mewed appreciatively. “What should we do with our free time?”

“Grab a snack and get some shuteye.”