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The Consequences of Sleeping on the Job

Check the news, honey. Apparently something crazy happened at work today. I was napping in a storage room. (Hey, I earn my siestas!)┬áThe guys didn’t give me many details. When I woke up they said it was over already.

Haircut? What haircut? Why are you laughing? Did someone…?


Baggy Trousers

“One last thing, Officer Markham.”

“Yes, Captain?”

“Look out for youths wearing baggy trousers. That’s the mark of the Hooligans’ Club!”

“Yes, sir!” Markham strode off on patrol.

The Captain chuckled. Rookies were so gullible!

He felt differently later, while processing the paperwork for seventeen wrongful arrests of baggy-trousered teenagers.

This story is based on the title suggested by Nicholas Barlow.

The Shirt

This shirt, this wonderful, beautiful shirt, has magic powers; its wearer, they say, will always gain his heart’s desires.

They also say that it’s invisible to those with evil in their hearts, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t need to see it to know that it’s working.