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General Coriando and his Amazing Porky Pachyderms

Charging into battle astride a fat, stubborn elephant had never been high on General Coriando’s list of Things To Accomplish In Life. As arrows whizzed past his ears, he lamented, “I could’ve been a baker, or a tailor! I could’ve joined the circus!”

The elephant was thinking the same thing.

She Didn’t Know What It Was

Gloria was a performer. She’d known it since the day she’d somersaulted out of the egg and into the fish tank with a brilliant smile and a saucy wink.

Now she performed synchronized swimming routines for the world-famous aquatic circus. With fame came fortune: she dined on caviar most evenings.

The Hecklers

They arrived early, as usual.

They sat right at the very front, as usual.

They ordered a single glass of wine to share, as usual.

They heckled the performers relentlessly, as usual.

Unusually, the final act was a Chinese kung fu group.

After that, the hecklers stood in the back.