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General Coriando and his Amazing Porky Pachyderms

Charging into battle astride a fat, stubborn elephant had never been high on General Coriando’s list of Things To Accomplish In Life. As arrows whizzed past his ears, he lamented, “I could’ve been a baker, or a tailor! I could’ve joined the circus!”

The elephant was thinking the same thing.

She Didn’t Know What It Was

Gloria was a performer. She’d known it since the day she’d somersaulted out of the egg and into the fish tank with a brilliant smile and a saucy wink.

Now she performed synchronized swimming routines for the world-famous aquatic circus. With fame came fortune: she dined on caviar most evenings.

Three-Dimensional Sidescroller

“I don’t get it,” said Kyle. “They walk across tight-ropes and swing around on bars and ride motorcycles and stuff, but where’s the rest?”

“What do you mean, ‘the rest’?”

“You know, the boss fights. The item gathering. The plot. This is the boringest platformer ever.”

“…We’re at a circus.”