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All was still in Buckingham Palace. Not even the royal mice were stirring, despite the delicious royal peanut butter that had been slathered on the royal mouse traps to stop them from stealing the Queen’s royal hair ties.

They’re learning, thought the Royal Hair Tie Protector to himself. The fiends.

@Zutzy responded to my call for three nouns to base a story on with “peanut butter,” “hair tie”, and “Buckingham Palace.”

Extreme Palace Makeover

The foreman scribbled calculations on his clipboard. “We’ve done it before, but never on this scale.”

“Cost is unimportant,” said the king, opening his wallet. “She wants it done, so it must be done.”

The foreman nodded understandingly. “If she says ‘move the castle,’ then you better castle queen side.”

Editor’s Note: This story was based on a call on Twitter for two nouns and a verb. @davefp responded with castle (noun)wallet, and castle (verb, as in chess).

Palace Politics

King Goliath was proud and haughty. He ruled over Grenwald, the largest kingdom in the land. One day he was feeling so proud that he said, “If anyone can prove they are mightier than I am, I will give them my kingdom.”

These days Grenwald is ruled by a Queen.