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The Italian Mouse

“Please, Clarissa,” pleaded Sergio, “don’t leave me! I’ll make you better spaghetti, better pizza, better wine!”

“Always food with you,” said Clarissa wearily. “Always wine… Don’t you understand me? What I really want are children… and pets!”

Sergio bought her a mouse. She kept it, and got rid of him.

A Small Problem

A mouse lived inside my walls. I tried to feed it cheese and peanut butter and other tasty things.

“I cannot take your gifts, sir,” it said. “I am afraid you will trap me!”

I convinced it I wouldn’t. We became friends.

A small problem: my rodent-phobic wife found out.

This story is based on a title suggested by @eikoandmog.


All was still in Buckingham Palace. Not even the royal mice were stirring, despite the delicious royal peanut butter that had been slathered on the royal mouse traps to stop them from stealing the Queen’s royal hair ties.

They’re learning, thought the Royal Hair Tie Protector to himself. The fiends.

@Zutzy responded to my call for three nouns to base a story on with “peanut butter,” “hair tie”, and “Buckingham Palace.”

The Dark Rodent

“‘You saved my life, Ratman! How can I thank you?’ – ‘I didn’t save you so you could thank me, Mr. Cheese. I just wanted to eat you myself!’ – ‘Oh no! Help me, someone!”

“Rusty, stop playing with your food!” snapped mother. “Why can’t you act like we normal mice do?”

My Fathers’ Day Gifts

I gave my dad a pair of socks for Fathers’ Day. They were gray and had a mouse face on them with whiskers sticking out from the toes.

They were a gag gift, but he wore them all day.

I also paid to reattach his toe after the cat incident.