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Painting the Night Sky

He didn’t know it worked: one night he’d simply pointed at the sky, and a star had appeared, bright and new.

It was a great party trick, of course, and it stimulated his inner artist, but he didn’t fully harness the potential of his god-like ability until he went commercial.

Living and Dying: A Short Fiction Collection

On June 1, I’m going to be releasing a collection of short stories and flash fiction called Living and Dying. It’ll be available for $0.99 on the Kindle Store and as a pay-what-you-want download through my blog, TimSevenhuysen.com. Today I released some details about a couple of special offers that you can take advantage of; you can read about them here.

I wanted to share about this here on 50WS because it was the release of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One that really pushed me towards releasing some of my other writing. I figured that if 50WS readers enjoy my fifty-word stories, maybe you’ll enjoy some of my longer-form writing, too.

Also, since I’m “opening” the TScom Store, I’m probably going to redirect the 50WS Store over there soon. My experiment with using a shopping plugin on this site for file downloads had some success, but mostly it turned out to be a big headache and more trouble than it was worth, so I’m going to be trying a bit of a different approach. By the time I have Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two ready, I’ll hopefully have a better system in place for making it available.

Until Year Two of 50WS is finished (in just over a month!) and Volume Two is ready, you’ll still be getting new stories here every weekday (including two stories every weekday for the month of June), and I’ll also be releasing more short stories and flash fiction at TimSevenhuysen.com. So spread the word! Big things continue to happen here and elsewhere with my writing (and your submissions), and it’s all thanks to people like you who come to the site to read, rate, and comment. Thank you!

NEWS: Book Is On Its Way!

A fifty-word stories book is on its way!

After taking a few months away from this site (a little longer than I had planned or expected, actually), I’m finally buckling down and assembling my favourite stories into a book. I plan to make the book available in a variety of ways, both in print and digitally.

I don’t have pricing details yet, or a date, or even a final title, but I’m working on figuring out that information, and I’ll share it as soon as I know.

I do know that there will be close to 150 stories in the book, and I’m looking at ways of including bonus content in various forms to make it worthwhile for people who have been reading my stories since the site started.

If you have any questions about the book, or any thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment!