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NEWS: New Store; Bundle Deals Ending

I’ve set up a new store for selling my writing, 50WS products included. Until the end of the month, you’ll still be able to buy books and t-shirts using the existing 50WS Store, but once January rolls around I’ll be shutting down the store on this site and running all sales through the new TScom store.

When I transfer things over to the new store, I’ll be discontinuing the bundle deals, so if you want to save money by buying both books, getting a shirt and book together, or picking up both books and a shirt, do it before the end of December!

Buy Now for a Free Personal Story

Have you ordered yourself a copy of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two yet? If not, then here’s a bit of added incentive.

Everyone who buys Volume Two in print between today and November 5, 2011, will receive a free personal story written into their book! This will be a completely unique story, based on your title suggestion, that will never be posted anywhere else. Normally a personal story is worth $5, but for the next week and a bit, you get yours free.

This offer applies to all bundle purchases, as well, as long as the bundle includes a copy of Volume Two.

After November 5, personal stories will go back to being $5, so don’t miss out!

NEWS: Volume Two and T-Shirt Preorders Now Open!

It’s finally here!

Preorders for Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two and 50-word story t-shirts are now open.

Volume Two contains 130 stories (compared to 100 in Volume One), and also includes an essay about finding inspiration for your writing.

The preorder period will close on Monday, September 12, at which point the printing and shipping will begin. I will also be reprinting Volume One, so if you missed out on that the first time around, grab it in a bundle with Volume Two, combine the shipping, and save some money!

Volume One and Volume Two each cost $12 on their own, or $3 as ebooks. T-shirts are $20. The various bundles have savings built in, plus shipping is much cheaper per product when items are combined. See the Store page for details.

Since all of the books and shirts are being produced locally this time around, I can sign every book (if you want me to), and I will even write you a personal story, which will never be posted anywhere else, for an added charge of $5.

See all of the product pages for extra details. If you have any questions, check out the Store FAQ page. If you run across any issues with the store, please let me know!

NEWS: Year Three Starts Tomorrow

FiftyWordStories.com Year Three starts tomorrow. I’ll be kicking off the year with a week of stories written by myself, and following that we’ll go back to Monday guest stories and my writing on Tuesday to Friday.

I’m really looking forward to this year. I felt like last year’s schedule, where I was writing four stories a week instead of seven, really brought up the average quality of my writing. More overall practice with the format helped too, of course!

There are a couple of small site tweaks I want to point out. First is that there’s a new Stories page that you can use to browse through the kinds of stories you want to read. I’ve gone back through the entire archives of the site and separated the stories into thematic categories, like I do with the books, so hopefully that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also just read Guest stories, or use the Search tool in the sidebar.

On another topic, I’m hoping to have Volume Two ready for ordering by the end of August. I still have work to do on the layout, the cover, and the bonus content. More details will be forthcoming over the next few weeks. I’m hoping to have a few other things available, too; there’s been talk of story-based t-shirts and fridge magnets going around “the office.” Those things will depend on cost, practicality, and interest levels, so if there’s something you’d really like to see, let me know with a comment or an email (tim@fiftywordstories.com).

Due to the improvements in story quality, I actually have almost 130 stories picked out for inclusion in Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two, compared to the 100 in Volume One. That means that even though I wrote fewer stories, more of them were good enough to put in the book, which is pretty cool, in my opinion.

Let’s have a bigger year than ever, and kick things off with a really fun August. Read, rate, comment, and submit!

Living and Dying: A Short Fiction Collection

On June 1, I’m going to be releasing a collection of short stories and flash fiction called Living and Dying. It’ll be available for $0.99 on the Kindle Store and as a pay-what-you-want download through my blog, TimSevenhuysen.com. Today I released some details about a couple of special offers that you can take advantage of; you can read about them here.

I wanted to share about this here on 50WS because it was the release of Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One that really pushed me towards releasing some of my other writing. I figured that if 50WS readers enjoy my fifty-word stories, maybe you’ll enjoy some of my longer-form writing, too.

Also, since I’m “opening” the TScom Store, I’m probably going to redirect the 50WS Store over there soon. My experiment with using a shopping plugin on this site for file downloads had some success, but mostly it turned out to be a big headache and more trouble than it was worth, so I’m going to be trying a bit of a different approach. By the time I have Fifty-Word Stories: Volume Two ready, I’ll hopefully have a better system in place for making it available.

Until Year Two of 50WS is finished (in just over a month!) and Volume Two is ready, you’ll still be getting new stories here every weekday (including two stories every weekday for the month of June), and I’ll also be releasing more short stories and flash fiction at TimSevenhuysen.com. So spread the word! Big things continue to happen here and elsewhere with my writing (and your submissions), and it’s all thanks to people like you who come to the site to read, rate, and comment. Thank you!

NEWS: Volume One Now Available in Kindle Store

For those of you who have been waiting to buy Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One directly from the Kindle Store and may have missed the announcement earlier on Twitter, I thought I’d give you a heads up that the book has passed through the publishing phase and is now available.

You can buy it in the US Kindle Store or the UK Kindle Store, or in other countries’ Kindle Stores, as well.

NEWS: Volume One Officially Goes On Sale!

It’s official: Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One can now be purchased in print from Lulu.com and as an ebook bundle directly through the FiftyWordStories.com Store. It should be available as a Kindle-only ebook file through the Kindle Store soon, after it passes through the product approval process.

If you have any questions, read the Store FAQ, which I’ll be updating as we go along.

I’ll be kicking off Launch Week with our first special guest story, by MCM, a little later today, so stay tuned!

NEWS: Store Launch Week

Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One goes on sale tomorrow!

That means that this is Launch Week, and Launch Week means that I’ll be posting a story from a special guest every day, Monday to Friday, to celebrate! I’ll be featuring stories from MCM (1889.ca) and Woody Tondorf (Elevator Show, The Morning After), among others. There’s some great writing coming at you this week.

Release Details:

In preparation for the book release, I’ve spent the last couple of days putting together the FiftyWordStories.com Store. Today I brought the store to life (with a few hiccups; sorry if you were trying to access the site while I was tinkering with things), and you can see the print and ebook versions of Volume One lounging tantalizingly just out of reach. The products will go live tomorrow, which means that you’ll be able to

  1. Download the ebook bundle (containing the book in PDF, ePub, and mobi formats, along with the cover) directly from this site, after purchasing via PayPal;
  2. Click through to Lulu.com to order the book in print via my Lulu storefront; and
  3. Click through to the Kindle Store, where you can buy the ebook in mobi format and download it straight to your Kindle (or the Kindle app on your iPhone, etc.).

If you aren’t sure whether to download the ebook bundle from the FiftyWordStories.com Store or buy the Kindle version from the Kindle Store, the difference is that if you buy the bundle, you get the two other formats, as well, but you have to manually sync the mobi to your Kindle instead of downloading it directly to the device. I earn almost twice as much revenue from direct purchases vs. Kindle Store ones, but the choice is yours. If you buy from the Kindle Store and contact me afterwards, I’ll email you the ePub and PDF, as well.

Finally, if you know me in person and would like to buy the book in print, I may be able to save you a few dollars if you’re willing to wait until I have enough orders to get a “bulk” discount (and reduced shipping rate). If you’re interested in going that route, or if you have any questions or find any bugs, send me an email at tim@fiftywordstories.com.

NEWS: Book Format Availability

In addition to selling Fifty-Word Stories: Volume One in print, I have also announced that it will be available digitally, as a PDF and an ePub.

Now, due to some helpful guidance from a friend of mine, I’ve created an edition of Volume One that will be supported natively by the Kindle, and will be available to buy from the Kindle Store. That ups the digital availability of the book at launch to three different formats (PDF, .ePub, and .mobi), so no matter what kind of e-reader you have, or whether you just want to read it on your computer screen, you should be accommodated.

The .mobi format of Volume One will sell for $4, the same price as the other digital formats.