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Why I Keep My Closet Empty

There was a cowboy in my closet.

I told him I had to store my clothes there and he was going to have to stay somewhere else, but he laughed.

“Why do you need more than one set of clothes?” he asked me.

And that’s why I never go shopping.

This Buytes

“Isn’t this dress just delicious?” Kelly enthused, twirling in front of the mirror.

“We come here so often,” said Ken. “Don’t you have enough clothes?”

“You don’t know a thing about women, do you?” said Kelly.

“Shopping bites,” said Ken. “I’m going home.”

She made him leave his credit card.

Editor’s Note: This story was based on a call on Twitter for an adjective, a verb, and an adverb. @CasperMcFadden responded with deliciousbites, and often.