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But There’s Cake

Bollenhall is not a nice place. It is hot, dry, and boring. Very few tourists go there on vacation.

Most of Bollenhall’s residents leave when they reach adulthood. The mayor passed a “free cake on Thursdays” bylaw to convince people to stay.

Bollenhall’s residents are hot, dry, bored, and fat.

This story was based on the prompt “but there’s cake” at TypeTrigger. Read other writers’ responses here.

The Narcoleptic Turtle

“Sink or swim” was not a particularly relevant idiom for Nelson the narcoleptic turtle. He floated, and good thing, too, or he’d probably fall asleep, sink, and die. Instead he just bobbed along on the surface, snoring softly.

One day Nelson floated ashore and fell asleep there.

Narcolepsy is boring.

This story is based on a title suggested by @Vanguard1219.


She was a couch lump.

All day, she did nothing but sit and squint blankly at walls, as if trying to see one of those three-dimensional image things with the weird patterns that you have to look cross-eyed at.

After her parents kicked her out, she stared at trees instead.