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The Evilest Wizard

One day an evil wizard turned a lizard into a goat. “I am the evilest of wizards!” he said. Then the goat kicked him. He turned it back into a lizard so it couldn’t kick him again. Then the real evilest wizard sued him for misusing the Evilest Wizard trademark.

NEWS: Submissions Page Clarified

There has been a little bit of confusion over the copyright system as explained on the Submissions page. I’ve clarified some of the language a bit and tried to make the system a bit more transparent.

Essentially, any story you submit to the site, whether via email or in a comment, becomes the property of www.FiftyWordStories.com. If that story gets posted to the site, it is copyrighted by the site under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. This means that anyone is free to repost the story elsewhere, so long as they give credit to Fifty-Word Stories and to the original author.

However, the story is still the property of Fifty-Word Stories, which means that if you submit a story and don’t put any extra limits on its use then I have the option of using it in a retail compilation or a calendar or however else. (If you don’t want me to use your story that way, then please say so when you submit it. I will definitely accommodate any requests of this nature.)

Also, the site’s ownership of submitted stories is non-exclusive. That means that you are free to repost your submitted stories elsewhere, so long as those other locations do not claim exclusive rights and recognize that Fifty-Word Stories has the right to use the story, as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this process! I’m definitely not out to steal anyone’s work, and I don’t want to confuse anyone about how I intend to use submissions.