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The Awkward Commuting of Dragon-Hunter Darla

Darla’s commute was awful: it took two hours to get from her downtown apartment to the wastelands, where she hunted the secret dragons.

Her friends thought she was a paralegal. They might ask uncomfortable questions if she moved to the suburbs, and it was already hard enough hiding the scars.

The Monster’s Insides

There is a monster in the mountains that preys on bumblebees, daffodils, and woodland creatures, swallowing them whole into its enormous belly.

Some say there’s a garden in there, a paradise where the flowers bloom and the wildlife lives on, frolicking. They’ve forgotten that the monster once swallowed a bear.

This story was based on the prompt “in the mountains” on TypeTrigger.

It Came From The Produce Section

She shrieked as a horrible, misshapen little creature squirmed out of her grocery bag and flopped itself, half-formed lungs heaving, onto the floor.

Kill it! cried her husband, but pity stayed her hand.

A bond formed between them,
and though it was built on only moments,
it lasted;
it remained.

This story was based on a title suggested by @vxicepickxv.