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Baggy Trousers

“One last thing, Officer Markham.”

“Yes, Captain?”

“Look out for youths wearing baggy trousers. That’s the mark of the Hooligans’ Club!”

“Yes, sir!” Markham strode off on patrol.

The Captain chuckled. Rookies were so gullible!

He felt differently later, while processing the paperwork for seventeen wrongful arrests of baggy-trousered teenagers.

This story is based on the title suggested by Nicholas Barlow.

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Horse-Whale Hoedown

On Friday nights the walruses fight
They stab and tear and grimace
With merciless glee they redden the sea
The wounds they inflict are grievous

Alliances crumble, allegiances tumble
For walruses love to betray
Their blubbery bellies wriggle like jelly
With laughter, blood-lust, and dismay

On Fridays the walruses play

This story was based on a prompt from @Ad134, who responded to a call for two verbs and an adjective with laugh, betray, and blubbery. (I took a bit of liberty with “laugh,” though.)

The Last Laugh

“Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all night!”

“Get off the stage!”

“What, you wanna start something?”

“That’s right! Fight me, funny man!”

They fought. The comedian won.

“Go ahead,” said the heckler. “Make a joke at my expense.”

The comedian shrugged. “I don’t want to ruin the punchline.”

Editor’s Note: This story originally resulted in the police breaking up the fight, but I decided that using that ending would be too much of a cop-out.