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Too Much of a Good Thing

She sang beautifully. When it ended they rose to their feet in awe and appreciation, begging for more.

“Ever heard of having too much of a good thing?” she chided them. Still they implored her: a little longer!

To prove her point, she barred the exits during her three-day encore.

Leading Lady

“I’m a world-class artiste!” the actress pronounced. “I require the perfect environment to nurture my delicate muse.”

“So it’s your muse who eats six pounds of blue Smarties every day, then?” muttered her browbeaten young assistant.

“Silly boy; we don’t eat them! We throw them out the window at people.”

Creative people are weird. Cough.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Vigafray.

Our World’s Most Precious Resource, or Livin’ in a Trailer by the Lake

Water is my favourite drink
I sure find it delicious

If some old bad guy stole it all
I’d find it quite malicious

What would we do?
Where would we go?
We’d get so dehydrated

That’s why I built this reservoir
And sat down here
And waited

My lifestyle’s underrated