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That Which Amounts to Nothing

First their eyes danced, glancing and winking. Then their feet danced, carrying them in intersecting paths. Next came the dance of voices: introductions, banter, flirtation.

He anticipated the dance of lips: she replied with the dance of the open palm.

Nursing wounded pride and cheek, he retreated, his rhythm lost.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Wolfgang_Cloud.

When It’s Time to Party, We Will Party Hard (But Not Before Then)

When the Stevestons throw a party, they go all out. Balloons. Streamers. Karaoke. Tiki torches. Pony rides. Fireworks. Food from every imaginable ethnicity, and then some.

And giant cupcakes. Car-sized cupcakes.

Or so they claim. They’ve been living here for ten years, and still haven’t found a reason to celebrate.

The Organization of the Fish Party

It was like a real-world logic puzzle.

Bobby Blowfish should sit with Angela Angelfish, but he and Tommy Tuna don’t get along.

The Seahorse family should be near the dessert table, but keep them away from the punch bowl!

And no one wanted another “who let the orcas in” fiasco.

This story is based on a title suggested by @klancashire.


It was Jasmine’s birthday.

“It’s my birthday!” said Jasmine.

She had been born seventeen years before.

“I was born exactly seventeen years ago!” said Jasmine.

Jasmine wanted to have a party.

“Yay!” said Jasmine.

“Darling,” said Jasmine’s mother, “your birthday is tomorrow. Go back to bed.”

“Oh,” said Jasmine. “Whoops.”

Rap Party

At the end of the first season of their reality TV series, the members of Hephty Rithums gathered their producers and kru together to celebrate.

They had lobster, steak, caviar, champagne, and a dunk tank full of money, just because.

They offered to perform a song, but were politely declined.