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The Soothing Autumn Sounds of the Miller’s Millstones

There were no keys to the city, boisterous parades, Nobel prizes, or television interviews for the man who conquered friction. (His call-in to local radio was unrelated.)

Hal Miller’s millstones, which once kept the whole neighbourhood awake, were now silent, and also completely ineffectual.

Too bad NASA never followed up.

This story was based on a title suggested by @ecocd.

NEWS: Site Features and More Social Media

I’ve been tinkering with various elements of the site over the past week or so, as you may have noticed. A few new social media tools are available on the site, so you can more conveniently tweet your favourite stories or share them on Facebook or StumbleUpon. The more you share, Like, tweet, or comment on stories, the more other people will take notice, so I really appreciate it.

I’ve also created an official Fifty-Word Stories fan page on Facebook, so you can get site updates and participate in calls for story prompts or any future contests in more ways. Head over and “Like” the page to get the updates and share the site with your friends.

Finally, I created a Top Stories page that lists the 50 highest rated stories that have ever been posted on the site. The tab in the sidebar only shows 10 stories, and only includes stories written in the past year, so I figured this would be a good chance to expose readers to popular stories from before they found the site. I hope you enjoy this feature and work to get your favourite stories voted up the list!

TIM SEVENHUYSEN: Horse-Whale Hoedown

On Friday nights the walruses fight
They stab and tear and grimace
With merciless glee they redden the sea
The wounds they inflict are grievous

Alliances crumble, allegiances tumble
For walruses love to betray
Their blubbery bellies wriggle like jelly
With laughter, blood-lust, and dismay

On Fridays the walruses play

This story was based on a prompt from @Ad134, who responded to a call for two verbs and an adjective with laugh, betray, and blubbery. (I took a bit of liberty with “laugh,” though.)

The Tweet Detective

Head tilted to one side, the Tweet Detective listened intently.

There it was: “Caw-tweet-caw!”

“I must know what species of bird that is!” cried the Tweet Detective. “It will solve the entire murder!”

He thought for a moment, then withdrew his iPhone, opened Twitter, and asked the internet for help.

This story was based on a title suggested by @Beryllium.

NEWS: Facebook and Twitter Integration

FiftyWordStories.com is diving further into Web 2.0!

I’ve added some new functionality to the site, so that readers can now post comments using their Facebook or Twitter accounts, and can “Like” posts using their Facebook profiles, as well. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to get involved with the site and share it with friends.

Let me know what you think of the new features and functions in a comment.

All Good Spy-Action Heroes Have the Initials J.B.

Jared Brown, secret agent, mouthed a silent “Thank you” to the eccentric elderly gentleman who had insisted he install the high-tech self-deploying winch into the boot of his European sports car, which was currently hanging by said winch, with him inside it, from the ledge of an exceedingly tall cliff.

@captainmakr responded to my request for two nouns and a verb over Twitter with the words “car”, “boot”, and “hang”.

I chose to use the word “boot” in the British sense, to mean the trunk of a car. Creative license!

Three Bottles of Milk

Gus poked his head into the fridge. There were three bottles of milk lined up on the top shelf. The label on the first one said, “Safe to Drink”. The label on the second one said, “Biochemistry experiment – poisonous!” The label on the third one said, “Other labels potentially backwards”.

The idea for this story came from a suggestion by @meur1234.

Jelly Beans Are Srs Bsns

“Gimme the jelly beans!”

“I’m sorry, what?” I turned around. There was a person with a shotgun standing on the other side of the counter looking menacing.

“Empty out the jelly bean vending machine! Now!”

“Ok, ok!” I slowly stepped around the counter and did it.

He ate them all.

This story was inspired by @Ponza on Twitter.

The Bunny Never Saw It Coming

“First, we take the deadly iocaine powder and stir it into the jug of fruit punch. Now, we dip the carrot into the mixture, and… Voila! Look closely, but do not inhale!”

“Isn’t this kind of dangerous?” asked one of the students.

“Good Science is always dangerous,” intoned Professor Westley.

This story was based on the title, as suggested by @LaurenceFawkes via Twitter.

A Boy and His Snail

Maurice accidentally sautéed his beloved pet snail. As it fried, it moved in the pan in a strange, almost rythmic pattern.

On the gravestone in the backyard, Maurice wrote, “He was slow to make friends until he started coming out of his shell, but sadly his hopes were ultimately crushed…”

This story was assembled using pieces sent to me via Twitter from @MoosePhysh, @gameking128, and @piers_hollott.