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The Red Barren

It was Mars-ish. (Mars-like? Hmm. Red and dusty, anyways.) Regardless, it was his backyard, and he was proud of it.

Land ownership was one of the purest forms of power, and it felt good. He knew his great-great-great-great grandfather Karl would agree.

Now all he was missing were some factories.

This story is based on a title suggested by King Kool.

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TANJA CILIA: Orange on Red

All the food was orange: carrot soup, pumpkin pie, and orange juice. I didn’t like any of it, but I ate it because I had been taught that when you are a guest you must show appreciation of whatever you are given.

I’m not going to like life on Mars.

Tanja Cilia lives in Malta, Europe, with her husband and three children. She freelances for print and online media in Maltese and English. You can read her latest blog post for the Times of Malta here.

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