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Joey and the Trampoline

Joey was super great at bouncing on his trampoline. He bounced so high that he flew all the way to Mars, but they didn’t have trampolines there, because Martians are boring, so he had to build a giant slingshot to fling himself back home.

That’s what he told me, anyways.

The Grand Adventure of Jim the Space Rabbit

Jim the Space Rabbit had always wondered what Mars was like.

One day, he flew his space rocket to Mars. He got out and looked around for a bit. It was cold and dry.

He told his friends he’d found diamonds and met aliens, but they knew he was lying.

This story was based on a title suggested by Al Gore.

The Red Barren

It was Mars-ish. (Mars-like? Hmm. Red and dusty, anyways.) Regardless, it was his backyard, and he was proud of it.

Land ownership was one of the purest forms of power, and it felt good. He knew his great-great-great-great grandfather Karl would agree.

Now all he was missing were some factories.

This story is based on a title suggested by King Kool.