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The Grand Adventure of Jim the Space Rabbit

Jim the Space Rabbit had always wondered what Mars was like.

One day, he flew his space rocket to Mars. He got out and looked around for a bit. It was cold and dry.

He told his friends he’d found diamonds and met aliens, but they knew he was lying.

This story was based on a title suggested by Al Gore.


The big grey wolf was very lonely, but its howling scared away all of the other woodland creatures.

One day it came across a chubby little baby bunny, which had gotten lost after a farmer killed its family.

The bunny and the wolf became BFFs. No one got eaten. Yay!

The Field of Forgotten Dreams

The cute little bunnies hopped along in a row, following their mommy.

“Stick close!” she called. “It’s just up ahead.”

They rounded a tree, and there, spread out before them, was a beautiful grassy meadow.

“Here we are!” said mommy bunny.

Suddenly, a punchline happened!

It was absolutely, incredibly hilarious.

Over the Moon

The cow jumped over the moon.

The rabbit, which had a raging teenager-style crush on the cow, tried to follow. Unfortunately, the rabbit overshot its target and jumped over the sun instead.

They both landed in the ocean. Neither one survived. It was horribly depressing.