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Modern-Day Beverly Hillbillies

He called me at work. “The house is flooding!” he said, then laughed.

I rushed home, panicking. He was wading knee-deep through black sludge in the living room. “It’s crude oil!” he said. “It’s coming in through the bathtub! We’re rich!”

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have lit that celebratory cigarette.

This story was based on the prompt “it’s crude” at TypeTrigger.

Rat Mummy

“Look, Pa! A dead rat!”

“Lemme see, Gerald,” said Pa. “Ah, it’s only a skellington and a bit of skin. Musta died a long time ago. Funny how nice he’s sittin’, like he went out calm and peaceful. Makes you wonder, kinda.”

Deep inside Ratankhamen’s corpse, a long-preserved soul-spark flared.



He peered over the edge of the bridge.

“Are you sure it won’t snap?”

“It’ll be fine,” she assured him. “Hundreds of people bungie jump here every year.”


“Stop worrying and jump!”

“Fine.” He jumped.

Her cellphone rang. “What happened!? He’s still alive!”

“Sorry, boss. I couldn’t do it.”


“Huh. It was dead.”

“Told you. What do we do with it now?”

“Bring it to a scientist? That’s what you’re supposed to do with aliens, right?”

“Do you know any scientists? Any that survived, I mean.”

“Good point. Let’s just burn it, I guess.”

The invaders saw the smoke.

The Dead of Night

It was the dead of night.  Silence reigned over the misty hills.  A cricket chirped, then fell still as a malicious whisper overtook him.  The moon highlighted the twisting shadows of the fog, as gradually the shadows took form.  Ethereal shapes churned into being.

They were the dead of night.